Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should be Turkey


Choosing your next travel location can be very difficult, especially if you’re going with friends and family. It’s not easy to agree on a place to go, especially if you’re all looking for different atmospheres or activities. There are a few places in the world that can cater to everyone’s wants and needs in some way, but one of the top picks for holidays by Arabs this year is the beautiful country of Turkey. With a rich cultural history, wonderful nature, delicious food, and not to mention being very affordable, it’s no wonder this country is first on everyone’s list.

Soak Up The History, Not The Sun

Whilst Turkey does experience some gorgeous warm summers, visitors from other Arabic countries will find a bit of relief, especially those from places like the Gulf, which often reach temperatures above 40°c. But Turkey is home to some of the world’s most amazing historical landmarks, dating back to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires and beyond. Visit impressive architectural marvels such as the Hagia Sophia, a Christian Basilica commissioned by Emperor Constantius in 360AD, which now operates as a museum. Or why not visit some of the ancient ruins like that of Aphrodisias or the city of Ephesus? There is so much to see of the ancient world, so plan your trip well if you want to fit as much in as possible!

Enjoy Some World-Class Cuisine

They say that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. We say it’s probably the most delicious. And with the tantalizing Turkish twist to this amazing cuisine, you’ll be flying back there every year to enjoy that authentic taste whilst relaxing along the banks of the Bosphorus. As well as the great range of dishes on offer, Turkey also has an abundance of sweet treats for you to try, from the world-renowned Turkish delight to the classic baklava—you’ll be spoiled for choice! The value of the Turkish lira has fallen by more than 50 percent, too, so you’re going to get far more for your money if you choose Turkey as your next destination. 

A Natural World Shaped By Myth

As a country, Turkey is very young. In fact, it came into being in 1923 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I. Before even the advent of the Turkic people, this landmass was home to civilizations way back to the classical age and beyond. Ancient civilizations such as the Thracians roamed the land neighbouring the ancient Greeks and the Illyrians. Alongside the remnants of these old cities and people, you’ll find numerous natural wonders dotted around the country inspired and explained by the myths of that distant time. Landmarks like the bizarre Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia and the wonderous burning flames of Mount Chimaera are sights to behold. The fires of this mountain have burned for an estimated 2,500 years! According to mythology, a fire-breathing beast is trapped below.