A Shopping Guide for Caravan Satellite Dish

Watching your favorite TV series in the caravan is possible. However, it can be frustrating because of some issues, such as poor signal caused by moving toward remote areas. 

Having the right kit could help you find signals everywhere you go. It is easy to find one with the help of professionals to enjoy its full benefits. These are called satellite dish that comes in a variety of types, including:

  • Freestanding Manual Dish 

This type of satellite dish requires two suction cups for installation. It is quick to assemble however leaving it outdoors may demand additional security against theft, like a neat padlock. 

The clear line must be facing the sky while the suction cup is attached firmly. Next, connect the cable to the LNB then to the TV if there is a built-in decoder. Test if it works by turning on the TV while finding the right angle of the dish outside. Use the elevation map to easily locate the angle. Rotate the horizontal axis until there are TV channels and then lock the dish. 

  • Tripod-Mounted Manual Dish

Having a flat ground is an advantage of owning this type of dish. It can be mounted directly on the ground but make sure to use a compass to make it stable. Do not also forget to secure the system in case of theft.

Position the LNB and then connect the cable. The other end of the cable is made for the TV or satellite box, whichever is available. Switch on the TV and find the correct angle of the dish. Ensure that the elevation angle is set and make adjustments on the horizontal axis to find channels. 

In case you cannot see or hear anything on your TV, use the sat finder and it will eventually beep once it captures a channel. 

  • Automated Roof-Mounted Dish 

Among the types of satellite dishes, this one is the most convenient. Professionals will do the mounting process and all you need to do is to download an app. 

First, turn on the system and push the button on the control box to activate the unit. You can operate the dish via the app, like locating the correct angle. The unit will move with lesser effort and time as well. 

Things You Must Prepare 

Installing a satellite dish in your caravan requires a bit of knowledge. Hence, hiring a technician can finish the task correctly and even faster. It also avoids additional costs throughout the process. 

First, you will need a satellite system. It differs in size and other components so identify which one best suits your caravan. Check the panel before you get started. 

A satellite decoder is another vital component of a satellite dish. Most units have this part built-in so there is nothing to worry about. 

Look for cables appropriate for the satellite dish to prevent any trouble. With the help of an expert, it would be more certain that you are gathering the right materials. 

Last but not least, is to find a compatible TV. It must be easy to connect with the satellite dish to begin watching movies. 

How does it work? 

Satellites play an important role here on earth. It includes providing several TV channels for families to watch. Little did anybody know, satellites also benefit RV owners big time. 

Satellite dishes have two types, one is manual and the other is automated. Each option operates differently wherein the latter promotes convenience for the users as the system will do the complicated job. It has to locate the necessary satellite in the sky automatically. 

Make sure the dish has a leveled base by using a spirit level for firmer installation. Next, is to align the dish to an elevated angle using an elevation indicator. The dish must be pointed at the southern sky and rotated to adjust its axis to obtain a signal. Once it produces a clear picture and crisp sound, keep the dish in position. 

The satellite dish gathers radio waves from the satellite and will convert them into a signal. Then, it will travel down the cable toward the receiver unit. The overall signal will be decoded to your TV so that you can start streaming your favorite movies. 

Finding TV Channels For The First Time

There will be no problem if you own a TV with pre-loaded channels. You can start watching right after you install the satellite dish. 

However, things will be different for TVs without pre-loaded channels. The user should scan for channels that will last for a few minutes. With a manual dish, a sat finder device can help to easily locate the satellite. 

Choosing the Best Television for Caravans

Any kind of TV will work for caravans. There is a wide range of options to choose from according to your budget and needs. Reassure that the device is suitable for touring with all of its features. 

Moreover, Satellite dishes for your caravan are easy to find at an affordable rate. Get tech advice to fully understand the equipment and how it works. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum it all up, you can watch it on TV while riding in a caravan without limits. It just takes the right unit, such as a satellite dish and flexible cables to get started. Professionals can help in installing the dish, including finding multiple channels to watch on. Lastly, pick the type of dish that is most suitable for your needs.